Music for Relaxation

Planet Ambi is a music label and 24/7 non stop online listener-supported radio station with the focus on relaxing ambient music.

Ambi Nature Radio

Ambi Nature Radio (Sleep, Relaxation & Meditation) is a station with the focus on providing natural relaxation sounds. We don’t play any music, just let your mind be free while listening to the most relaxing nature sounds of the earth.
We broadcast on internet and are liked by over 20.000 people from all over the world on

Since 2019 you can find exclusive Ambi Nature Sounds releases on Spotify. Follow our playlist or albums and support the station. For the best listener experience you can listen our playlist or albums on repeat. This makes it extra useful for relaxation, meditation and deep sleep.

Planet Ambi HD Radio

We broadcast our music radio channel online via our website,, Streamfinder and our BlackBerry, iOS and Android apps.
Planet Ambi HD Radio broadcasts with HD music streams which is unique in the ambient genre.

With the focus on pure relaxation you will never hear any annoying ads or DJ’s. We don’t even play any beats or annoying melodies.
All of the music played on our channel is carefully selected track per track.
If we feel that a track slipped through but doesn’t fit our relaxation standards we will erase it immediately.

In October 2015, right after the start, Planet Ambi got featured on
On 3 December 2015 we released our first edition in the World of Ambient CD series (produced by Stars Over Foy), with the follow up CD being released as World of Ambient Part II and World of Ambient Part III.

Planet Ambi also released digital singles by artists such as Art of Drone, Stars Over Foy and Dr. J. James.
Followed by a fast growing amount of fans of, you can rest assured that you found the right place for a full HD relaxation experience.

This is Planet Ambi, Welcome to our world of Ambient.